Freedom Majestic Lucy and her new filly, G.G. born Mother’s Day weekend.  The greatest surprise was her blue eye!

Most of my childhood was spent on a small hobby farm in rural Indiana.  We raised sheep, goats, chickens, and a few vegetables.  For a couple years, my dream of having a horse came true as well.  My father had always wanted to be a farmer and so he completed his college degree in agriculture.  My mother was a food science major that went back to school years later to obtain her degree in dietetics.  Growing up with a dietitian has many advantages, but also many disadvantages.

Healthy eating was a priority.  Our meals were balanced and always made with low fat substitutes.  Eating fast or fried food was a rare occurrence.  Sweets were seldom found in the cabinets.  Often, if mom was not home after school, my sisters, brother and I would mix up some butter and sugar as a sweet treat.

Paisley 3, London 7, and Rider 1. Enjoying some park time before a soccer game. The best kids a mom could ask for!

Growing up in our household, I was constantly made aware of calories, eating well, exercising, etc.  While it was bothersome as a young child, I am SO thankful as an adult.  I have an awareness and understanding that I can use when making wholesome choices for my young family.  Although, I am not as strict as I remember mom being, I can already see the benefits blossoming in my children.  On several occasions they will choose strawberries over ice cream for desert.  Juicy, sliced apples are a more favored snack than a bag of greasy potato chips.  And exercising or staying active is a part of every day life.

Training for races became a big part of my life not long after my second child was born.  Extra “baby” weight gained during pregnancy was holding me back from the look and lifestyle I wanted.  At the time our family lived on a farm raising Clydesdales and cattle.  I wanted to get back in the saddle.  To ride correctly, I quickly learned it takes a lot of strength and energy.  Therefore, in order to accomplish my riding goals, I needed to “get in shape”.

Getting ready to “kick it” at the Pink Link race in Sheridan, WY.

Races are addicting and after my first 5K Turkey Trot, I was hooked.  A third child put my plans on pause and set me back a bit.  But my goals and desires have remained the same.  I look forward to sharing my journey, some helpful tips, reviews, and all the other ingredients to live a wholesome lifestyle (with just a bit of runner bias).  I hope you enjoy and are encouraged to conquer your dreams and ambitions.

All the best,

Angel Brinkerhoff